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E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc. - Indianapolis, IN

  The Growth of the Atkins Saw Works - The Iron Age, Vol.75, February 9, 1905, (New York: David Williams Co.)  

Evidence of the successful development of an idea is presented in the growth that has attended the saw manufacturing establishment of E. C. Atkins 8r. Co., Indianapolis, Ind.

Superiority in quality was the idea which predominated in the production of the Atkins brand of Saws from the casting of the steel ingot to the finished article. The Atkins brand of Saws may be rightly entitled to its inception away back in the seventeenth century, when the Atkins ancestors were making Saws in England and have continued there and in this country in an unbroken line down to the present time.

The success of this institution was primarily due to the mechanical genius of its founder, E. C. Atkins, who established the business in 1857, alone and without capital, though endowed with abundant energy and perseverance. His knowledge and experience in Saw making were obtained in the Saw factory of his father, then operating in Bristol. Conn.

But the great prosperity which has attended the business of the past few years is accounted for by the fact that not only the present head of the firm, H. C. Atkins, but every department superintendent, is an expert in his particular line, and quality is his watchword. The skilled mechanics in the Atkins factory (and they comprise more than half of the employees) are the highest paid workmen in Indianapolis.

Less than 20 years ago the factory employed about 150 men and opened its first branch house at Memphis, Tenn. A short time afterward another branch was started in Chattanooga, which later was removed to Atlanta. Then in rapid succession branches were established at Minneapolis, Minn.; Portland, Ore.; New York City; Chicago, Ill.: Toronto, Ont; Seattle, Wash, and lastly a San Francisco branch was opened January 1 and was necessitated because of the firmís increased business on the Coast, which could not be accommodated to advantage from Portland and Seattle.

To take care of its rapidly increasing trade the firm is constantly expanding its manufacturing facilities and several new buildings have lately been equipped and put into operation. About 1200 men are now employed at the factories and 70 salesmen are kept constantly on the road disposing of the product of Saws and Tools whose alliterative trade-mark is ďAtkins Always Ahead."

Wiktor A. Kuc
November, 2016
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