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  The "How-To Do-It" Book for Home Workshops, 1932    

“What tools do I need?” is the first question asked by the new home worker, once he has decided to start a shop of his own.

With a well filled purse, there is some danger he will buy too many tools, or the wrong types. If his tool capital is limited, he is likely to buy a stock group of low-priced, second-grade equipment. In either case, he lacks the definite knowledge with which to select his initial tools wisely and economically.

At the outset, the new worker should keep these points in mind. First, buy only the tools he really needs. Second, buy only the best tools; it is better to choose a few good tools rather than several cheap ones. Third, learn to use the new tools correctly.

As he gains experience, he will not need so much outside advice as to what tools to buy for his work, finances, shop space, and other individual factors will guide him reliably.

Once the new shop is started, the worker may add tools as he needs them, buying a new tool each week or month until the shop equipment is complete for his requirements.

To assist the beginner in selecting his initial tools, we suggest three lists, which may be adjusted to suit individual needs.

This booklet was made available by Mark Stansbury.

Mark designed and maintains several websites dedicated to hand tools of 19th century. Here are a few links that will take you to his sites:


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