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Hack Saw Efficiency by Clemson Bros., Inc., 1918


Hack Sawing Efficiency is important to every machine shop owner and metal worker because it is so very necessary for them to know whether they are buying the most efficient blades and using them in the most efficient way.

To know this is important, not because each blade is a big cost item in itself - though it is surprising how fast poor blades run into real money - but because the work that hack saws do or fail to do in a shop of even moderate size involves thousands of dollars, in time of men and machines and profits won or profits lost.

For some reason the study of hack saw efficiency has received probably less thought and attention from engineers and investigators than any form of metal working as is shown by the almost total lack of books and magazine articles on the subject.

It may be this is because the low cost per blade has made the question seem relatively less important, or because the efficiency pioneers like Taylor and Gantt happened to devote their years of study and experiment to other kinds of metal cutting.

The fact of course is that hack sawing is very important - as important as any other metal working operation and the purpose of our $500 prize contest on “Testing Hack Saws” was to emphasize this importance and bring the latent interest on the subject to the surface.

Following this we planned to publish a book such as this to put in available form standardized hack saw information that would have a permanent value. The contest was all we had hoped and more. We were almost swamped with replies which came from every corner of the world. Many were of real scientific value and they showed that more thought and study has been put on hack sawing efficiency by users and investigators than was generally realized by the American engineering and industrial world.

Our contest has disclosed the fact, for instance, that in England a mammoth power machine has been developed that cuts work up to 26 inches square and a special English hack saw testing machine has been devised that is entirely automatic both in operating successive cuts and recording the time of the results.

Our original intention was to publish complete the papers of all the prize winners in our contest but we find that this would make a book of impossible size that will have much repetition and some confusing contradictions.

Hence it has seemed best to give a standard outline of the best method to test and use hack saws based on our 30 years experience, adding notations of any special methods or novel ideas that the prize winners have evolved.

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