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William Conaway

William Conaway was born in 1822 in Massachusetts.

1844 - McElroy's Philadelphia Directory for 1844, (Edward C. Biddle, Philadelphia, 1844).

1845 - McElroy's Philadelphia Directory for 1845, (Edward C. & John Biddle, Philadelphia, 1845).

William Conaway appeared in McElroy's Philadelphia Directory for the first time in 1846.  For that year Business Section of the directory did not list sawmakers.

1846 - McElroy's Philadelphia Directory, (Edward C. & John Biddle, Philadelphia, 1846).

In 1846 Charles Johnson and William Conaway became a partners and moved into a shop at 24 Cherry Street.

Jonathan Paul, previous occupant of this facility struck another arrangement and begun working as Paul & Hicks, saw manufacturers on Carlisle above Girard.

The Wilson, Hawksworth & Moss mentioned in the ad above was a Sheffield firm in operation from approximately 1833 to 1849, as merchants and producers of knives, saws and general hardware goods.

There is also a listing for William Conway, saw manufacturer at 3 Jackson Court.

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