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Patents Received and/or Used by the Company



Patents 1855-1900

During the years of 1855 - 1900 Disston company received total of 140 patents.  Good portion of this number was assigned to Henry Disston and members of his family. 

Significant number of patents was also assigned to the company by its employees and independent inventors.


# of patents

Henry Disston 44
Charles Disston, 1823-1895;
Henry's younger brother.
Thomas S. Disston, 1832-1897;
Henry's youngest brother
Samuel Disston, 1839-1908
Henry's half-brother
Henry Disston (2nd), 1845-192?;
Son of William Disston, Henry's older brother.
Joab Morss 4
Charles T. Shoemaker 8
Employees and other inventors 44
Total 140





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