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Keystone Saw Works - H. Disston & Sons, Inc. - Phila., PA

  Handbook on Saws - Henry Disston & Sons, Inc., 1912    

The numerous requests for information, particularly concerning Handsaws, various Tools and Files, etc., from those not interested in the larger Saws, Band and Circular, and Tools for the Saw Mill, led us to publish this portion of our regular Handbook.

The articles describing the making of the goods are essentially short, for to cite each individual operation would require many pages. Only the most important processes, therefore, are referred to; though, of course, the numerous intermediate steps also have an important bearing on the workmanship and efficiency of the finished tool.

Having a thorough knowledge of the requirements of Saws and Tools, with Disston Crucible Steel as the foundation in manufacturing, it is the extreme care given each operation that results in the high efficiency which has justly earned a world-wide reputation for Disston Brand Goods.

All interior views of the factory shown are from photographs of sections only of Departments, and while serving to give some idea of the facilities, do not by any means convey an adequate impression of the immensity of the Plant, which can only be appreciated by a trip through the Works.

Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. - Tacony Plant.

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