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Not too long ago I received an email from Wisconsin advising me to check out a saw on eBay. It was listed as a Disston tenon saw. It looked more like a medical tool to me, however the seller said it was marked Disston. Having not ever heard of a Disston medical amputation saw I figured it was worth a bid.

I was the "lucky" winner. The mail lady delivered it 4 days later. We live in the woods and she leaves saws and other things in the house which is nice. I was not disappointed.


Philip W. Baker

It was what I had hoped it would be. The Disston mark and U.S.A. for United States Army was clearly stamped in the nickel plated brass handle.

Only one person that I questioned had heard of Disston producing this tool. He had seen a reference to it in days gone by in paper work telling of articles the Disston Firm had manufactured during the Civil War. Location of this information at present is unknown.

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