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  Henry Disston No. 43 Combination Saw - Jim Bode Collection

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The Disston No. 43 Combination Saw is one of the most admired saws that came from the factory of Henry Disston & Sons. It was the most advanced and most expensive in a line of "combination" saws that featured a square and ruler in their design. The saw was produced continually from 1858 to 1918.

The saw was based on three patents:

  1. Patent 14,863 - 05/13/1856: Improvement in the Construction of Handsaws by Jackson Gorham

  2. Patent 20,313 - 05/18/1858: Device Attached to Handsaws for Squaring and Marking by Hiram Smith, assignor to Henry Disston.

  3. Patent 20,337 - 05/25/1858: Leveling Device Attached to Hand-Saws by Henry Disston and Thomas L. Morse.

Initially, the concept of the square and ruler was invented by Jackson Gorham. Disston used this patent under license from Jackson Gorham. Two years later Hiram Smith patented another design, using Gorham's patent as a basis for improvement. Finally, Henry Disston and Thomas L. Morse received a patent introducing a level to previous patented designs and No. 43 was born.

 The following images show No. 43 saw from the collection on Jim Bode.

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