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Keystone Saw Works - H. Disston & Sons, Inc. - Phila., PA

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This saw was produced after 1865 and before 1871. 

In 1865 Hamilton Disston joined the company and shortly after the medallion with notation "Henry Disston & Son" began appearing on the saws. 

The 1871 date marks next expansion step of the company.  Henry's second son, Albert Disston, joined the company and new medallions were produced with Henry Disston & Sons notation.

Blade Length PPI/Mark/ Type Nib Design Type Blade Mark/Type Handle Screws/ Medallion Comment
26" 9/Yes/ Crosscut
yes Straight Back/ Hand Saw Readable/ Etch  Beech 3/1  

The Toe and the Nib

Blade Marking:

Henry Disston & Son
Keystone Symbol
Keystone Saw Works, Philadelphia
 Cast Steel  7 Warranted


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