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Keystone Saw Works - H. Disston & Sons, Inc. - Phila., PA

  1870 era, 10" Disston's Jackson Fine 15ppi, Blued Back Saw - Historically Significant  by Daryl Weir 1 of 3  

Daryl Weir



This is a historically significant Jackson 10" back saw made by Disston. It's from the mid to later part of the 1870 period. The dating is based on screws used to fasten the handle. These are small thread diameter, Disston centennial screws.

They were patented by Henry Disston and featured domed head and a capped nut that covered the end of the male-end of the screw.

The old split or spanner-style nuts, which had been previously used, were filed flush with the surface and required a special screw driver to tighten the nut.

The newer style only required a regular screwdriver and was something Disston didn't miss mentioning in the marketing literature of this very competitive era.

The open beech handle is in fine shape with most of the original finish intact and is affixed solidly to the blade and back.

The brass hardware retains it's original aged patina. I've only cleaned and lightly waxed everything.

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