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  Disston No. 7 - full size 28", 4-1/2 ppi Rip Saw, c. 1880s
by Daryl Weir
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Daryl Weir



This is the model that Henry built his reputation on. The patent dates are stamped in the handle and really don't show up all too often. I've had this one hanging for a while as part of my collection but I have another and it's time for this one to go.

The patent dates aren't strong in some areas but they are there, MAY 12 '74, AUG 29 '76 & NOV 18 '79. The 28" and larger rip saws had the handle design for 2 handed ripping which was the MAY 12 1874 patent.

It's a straight back with nib and has a full taper ground blade which requires less set in the teeth allowing the blade to run free and not bind in the cut.

The thinner the kerf can be, means less material removed which makes an easier pushing saw. Mechanics of years past appreciated this, as a saw could possibly be used all day. This meant less fatigue at the end of the day.

 The blade was carefully cleaned and waxed. It retains a darker finish with some light pitting in areas but nothing that will affect the cut. A lighter etch still remains as can be seen in the picture.

This one has the smaller diameter screws (centennial screws) that came right after the split nuts which is the reason for the AUG 29, 1876 patent date. These early No.7 handles were very graceful and comfortable to hold.


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