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If you saw this on eBay, just listed, with a 'Buy it Now' of $24.99, described as a 10" Disston No.4, what would you do?

This question and pictures were posted on WoodNet.net, in Woodworking Hand Tools section discussion forum sometime ago. The suggested answers are interesting and some of them are posted here.

  • I would pass, have much rarer saws I would sell at that price and they are from Sheffield.

  • That saw is certainly salvageable, but I would personally not put $25.00 and a lot of work into it, just because I am neither a collector or a reseller. I would buy new saw parts from one of our forum members and make a much more gratifying (for me) use of time and money. I'm starting to find my saw till (I actually don't have a real till) overflowing. Maybe I will be a seller soon.

  • Well, I'd think that it looked to be a #7 backsaw rather than a #4, because of the double nibs top and bottom, although I think those show up on brassbacks as well.

  • With what appears to be no set in the teeth, I would take a chance on it.

  • Early 1900s No. 77? Buy it.

  • Looks like a #77. Very good buy at $24.99!

  • How does one know it is a 77?

  • Number one clue are the different size teeth. 12PPI at the toe and 8PPI for most of the tooth edge, according to the Disstonianinstitute website. Supposedly, there are slight differences between the No.4 handle and the No.77. There was no set in the teeth and the fleam was at 45* on crosscut saw. The rip teeth had a 5 degree fleam. Disston No.77 backsaw. This may be totally wrong due to the saw pictured here, having only two screws instead of three.

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