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Keystone Saw Works - H. Disston & Sons, Inc. - Phila., PA

  Acme 120 No-Set, 26 inch Rip Saw, 1910 era by Daryl Weir 1 of 3  

"Disston" on Saws is a Guarantee of Quality!

No. 120 Acme, skewback blade, extra London spring steel, selected and polished, warranted.

Apple handle, carved and polished, five brass screws.

Specially Made to Work Without Set for Smooth Cutting in Dry Lumber.

This saw is from the 1910 era and still has a nice wide blade, one of its pluses. The keystone etch is pretty much gone, the secondary etch and tertiary "Acme" etch is partially there but honestly, all is pretty much impossible to read.

The blade has a pretty big dark spot of pitting on the front side with scattered darker spots on the back, most likely from water damage. The darker spots on the back really contain no serious pitting. Like I said above this makes it uglier than hell but as you can tell by the video, it still cuts well.

It still has a very good breasted (crowned) cutting edge just like it had when it left the factory. It has the original graduated teeth going from 5 1/2ppi to 6 1/2ppi at the point or toe as some like to call it.

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