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  Disston D-115, 24 inch, Cross-cut Saw - ca. 1928 - 1929
by Daryl Weir
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The D115 & D15 were Disston's most expensive hand saw offerings in the 1914 catalog.

At that point in time they featured a Brazilian rosewood handle & a highly polished Extra Refined London Spring blade.  Just like all the "D" series models at that time, the model number was designated inside the D and had no "- dash", like the later models did.

I believe this saw dates from the 1928-29 time frame, which were about the last years for the "Regular full width" pattern skew back and the cover top D8 style handle which this one has.

It was a transitional period between the old style and the newly redesigned models.  This one also has the newer style etch and no longer has the 115 inside of the D. 

The D-115's show up quite a bit less than their straight back brethren D-15's, especially in a panel size.  Starting in 1927 to 28 the handles were redesigned, and now instead of looking like a D-8 it now looked like the typical D-23.

This highly tensioned, 24" long polished blade is pin straight with a wicked 11ppi cross cut configuration that will serve your needs very well as a super fine premium cabinet grade saw.

The edge still has a light crowning breast to it, just like it did the day it left the factory. All of the etching is there but is not bold, it can still be seen if held right.

On the negative side there are a couple of areas of pitting about 3 inches from the butt end right at the cutting edge on the front and the back.  The one on the back has an area that is pretty deep.

Right now they pose no problem and most likely won't in your lifetime. In my opinion, they are also far enough back that I don't think they ever will. I'll let you be the judge of how well it cuts in the video.

There are also some scratches in the blade right where it meets the handle, obviously from a previous poor cleaning attempt.  I truly believe you'll be happy to have this one in your nest of saws.

Here are the specs: 15 degree rake, 35 degree bevel & a 35 degree slope which produces no bevel on the back of the teeth. 

The saw sings and tracks a straight line through wood with ease, all you have to do is provide some motion & it'll do the rest.  This configuration will work well with just about any wood you throw at it, you can trust me on that.

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