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Keystone Saw Works - H. Disston & Sons, Inc. - Phila., PA

  1865 - Henry Disston No. 7 - 18” Panel Saw by Bob Garay  

Here is a little treasure I got this past weekend at the flea market. It is an 1865 Henry Disston No. 7 - 18” panel saw with marked 12ppi.

I just finished cleaning it and giving it a fresh sharpening. It sure is a smooth sawing saw – perfectly straight. It even has it original delicate nib.

Now this is a rare saw but a couple of things that make it even scarcer. It is a Henry Disston saw with an etch. He started etching his saws in 1865 yet his son Hamilton also joined the company that year.

Then the saws were etched with the “Disston & Son” mark. Thus this saw with the Henry Disston medallion and etch is one that was only made for one year or less.

It is rare when you can pinpoint an antique to an exact time frame like this. Also under the handle is stamped “C.S”. Phil Baker told a “story” about this “C.S.” marking in an article once. But I have another saw also with this “C.S.” mark, so it does not fit his story as this is the third such marking I know of. Maybe it stands for “cast steel” or was a saw-smith with the initials “C.S.”

Anyway a very rare saw and one that is a real piece of History for the Saw buff.

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