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Keystone Saw Works - H. Disston & Sons, Inc. - Phila., PA

  Backsaw with Triple-Cove Handle, Late 1840s - early 1850s 1 of 2  

Majority of early backsaws with triple-cove handle found today are known as creations of Henry Disston. Most were manufactured in late 1840's and early 1850s. 

However, Disston was not the only one making saws with this type of handle. Other early sawmakers, especially in Philadelphia, made saws with triple-cove handle as well.

This particular saw is even more valuable to collectors - it has a double-eagle stamp on the spine.

These saws are rather rare and not many have survived. They always dictate high prices. There are some collectors that will pay any price for this kind of saws, well... almost any. This particular saw was sold on eBay.com in July 2016 for $551.15.

Data Summary:

Pitch in
Marking/ Type Handle Screws Estimated Prod. Date
14" 12 PPI
Readable/ Stamp Applewood
Closed Handle
2/1 with
split nuts
1840s - 1850s

The blade measures 14 inches long and has 12 PPI crosscut teeth. There is some minor surface rust blemish and some small pitting.

The plate is 14 inch long.

The marking on the spine has eagles stamped on each side of the Disston name. The full marking reads:


It has a nice ornate triple-cove Applewood handle, with a thin clipped tongue and two beads on top and the bottom.

(BTW, the term "bead" and "beads" was proposed by Simon Barley in his book "British Saws & Saw Makers from c1660". I think we should all use this term. It is simple, accurate and adequate to say what's on the handle. Much preferred than "hounds tooth", "hound's tooth" or any other form and spelling that is often used. And of course much better than once proposed "nib" by one of the "big collector" of backsaws.)

The handle has a deep brown patina.
Brass screws with split nuts and DISSTON., PHILA., Eagle medallion.

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