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Flint's Handsaw by Mark Kuzee

I recently became the caretaker of this Joseph Flint early handsaw.

The blade is 28” long and appears to be a 6TPI configuration. I always see 6 TPI as a rip and not a crosscut so I am claiming that this is a rip saw. The bevel angle is close to 15 degrees. There is little fleam evident.

The handle is the roughest part of the saw and yet is the most telling. The handle seems to be British. I usually do not see such pronounced “fleck” like I do with this saw. American Beech does not seem to have this characteristic in my experience.

The medallion (label screw) is the real interesting piece of this puzzle. It is a coat of arms with a crown on top. One side is a lion figure and the other side is a unicorn. Underneath the coat of arms are the words:  “Dieu et mon droit”

Translation “God and my right shall defend me”. This motto was first used in 1198 by the British.

The form on the medallion closely resembles the one in the picture.  The shank is broke on two screws but someone thought to nail the large side into place.  I would like to get this restored.  Any metal workers out there?

My sense is that the blade and handle are both British.  The entire saw may have been made rough in Sheffield and then sent to Rochester where the saws were ground, tensioned and handled.  The medallion work and the wood used and the handle shape are all suggestive of English or early American made saws.

My understanding is that saws were stamped until sometime around 1850-1860. 

J. Flint was in business from 1848 until 1888. They had other lines of tools and it would be hard for me to say with all certainty that saws were produced the entire time that the company existed.

I have checked with a few experts and they claim it is early and not often seen maker.

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