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Isaac Harrow, Early Sawmaker - Trenton, N. J.


During the week of Thursday, September 12th to Thursday, September 19th, 1734 The American Weekly Mercury published the announcement shown below.  Today Isaac Harrow is considered to be one of the first recorded saw and other woodworking tools maker in America.



"Lately set up at Trenton in New Jersey, a Plating and Blade Mill, by Isaac Harrow, an English Smith, who makes the under-named Goods, viz

Dripping Pans,
Frying Pans,
Chafing Dishes,
Broad Axes,
Falling Axes,
Carpenters Tools,
Coopers Tools,
Tanners Knives,
Curriers Knives,
Skinners Knives,
Ditching Shobels,

Garden Spades,
Common Shovels,
Peel Shovels,
Coopers Axes,
Smoothing Irons,
Cow Bells,
Bark Shaves,
Pot Ladles,
Melting Ladles,
Fireshovel Pans,
Cloathiers Sheers,
  Garden Sheers,
Glovers Sheers,
Sheep Sheers,
Mill Saws,
Cross-cut Saws,
Hand Saws,
Coffee Roasters,
Hey Knives,
Fodder Knives<
Tobacco Knives.

As also fundry other Sorts of Goods not herein mentioned: Likewise all sorts of Iron Plates fit for Bell-making, or any other Use.  All Persons that have occasion to any of the above-named Goods, may be supplied by George Howell, Last-Maker in Chestnut-street, Philadelphia, or by the Maker at Trenton aforesaid, at as reasonable Rates as any that come from England."

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